The Family Missions Company – An inspiring Story of a Family


Dears, this is awesome! God is calling lay workers to his vineyard, each day someone is moving into his vineyard. During our secular life and its enjoyments and struggles, do not miss the call. For us the call is very clear – We are Jesus Youth Missionaries.

Read on to know other mission initiatives in Catholic Church. The church is moving ahead… Are you aware? or stuck somewhere in this secular world?

“Family Missions Company’s story begins almost 40 years ago, in the small southern town of Abbeville, Louisiana. Frank Summers, a young, successful attorney, and his beautiful wife Genie, an up and coming journalist, had achieved a great degree of financial and social success in their hometown. Together with their only child, Beau, they embraced a completely secular lifestyle. It was not until their marriage seemed headed divorce, that they experienced a profound conversion, returned to their Catholic roots, and began seeking God’s will for their lives in earnest.

After spending some time evangelizing in Abbeville, they felt called to sell all that they had and go out as a family into foreign missions, to “proclaim the Gospel to every creature”! At that time, they struggled to find any support or structure to help Catholic families become missionaries. Following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, they embraced lives of poverty and zeal for the Gospel, travelling as missionaries all over the world. As their family grew, they served in Tonga, American Samoa, Mexico, Columbia, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Micronesia. God blessed them with six more children, and they experienced the joy of witnessing together as a Catholic family.

When in 1995, God called the Summers back to the United States, they discerned that there was a great need in the Church for more Catholic families and singles to give their lives to mission. They also knew that those who are called to be missionaries need preparation and support, and they knew that God was calling them to draw upon their many years of experience to help others to give their lives to mission. The fruit of this call is Family Missions Company. Frank and Genie founded FMC as a Catholic nonprofit organization based in Abbeville, and began the work of forming and sustaining lay missionaries.”

Ref# Family Missions Company


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