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“An Italian web designer who died at the age of 15 could be declared a saint.

Carlo Acutis, who passed away from leukaemia in October 2006, had used his knowledge of computers to create a website that catalogued Eucharistic miracles across the world.

A convert to the faith, he went to Mass each day and was devoted to the Eucharist. His parents and classmates attest that ‘the teen helped them better live out their faith, by earning their respect’, according to Rome Reports.

Francesca Consoli, of the Office of the Causes of Saints of the Archdiocese of Milan, said, ‘He was not ashamed to share convictions with others.

‘But people would not make fun of him, because they understood that his convictions were real, they came from inside him. It wasn’t something artificial.’
The Vatican is now trying to determine whether he lived a life of heroic virtue.”
– This…

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