The Last Cry – Jesus, I never missed you

lastcryFar I saw the woman,
Fainted with hunger
Fuzzy her gazes,
Fades the aid.
Jesus, she is not you
Jolt me not.

The thirsty boy with drought lips.
Teenager, he asked nothing!
To give water, without a request?
Tease me not Jesus Christ.

Naked man had a Jeans,
Neat and clean
Not Needy.
Not to blame me.

Winter was freezing,
But my house was small
To take her in.
No, You’re not that homeless girl

Sick and dead?
I never saw them in my life,
But prayed for all of them.
Prison Meeting?
No, he stole my wallet.

Jesus, I never missed you.
You were in the church,
I saw you there.
You were in the bible,
I read you there.

You are telling me now
That you never knew me
That is injustice !
That is injustice!

Inspired by Matthew 25:31-46,  7 corporal works of mercy and by the life of Dennis Cardiff []


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