Quite time with Jesus!

002Quite time with Jesus – As a JY, I believe this is the prime fundamental a JY must practice in order to renew his Christ encounter on a daily basis. However, confessing that this is one of most shaken pillar in my life – Personal Time with Jesus, or in other words ‘Personal Prayer’.

Even now, I have lots of excuses to defend me. I am running a big family, have to mentor youngsters, meetings, busy schedules at office etc. But the fact is that somewhere I lost the taste of my quite time with Jesus. How? When? Where?… The answer is “It is a mystery”.

If we analyze, the funny things is that I cannot find a visible stopper for personal prayer. Hence cannot eliminate the stopper. I think others also went through similar experiences.

Actually, the real fight is between body and soul. Body wants to push the spiritual aspect of life aside to find better opportunities to entertain and satisfy the needs of the body. So, it tries to conquer my mind by tempting thoughts of nice sleep, or it may command the mind to focus of boring aspects of the prayers like pain of kneeling etc., or else into depressing mood changes. In some other situation, prayer becomes a daily ritual where Jesus is not present.

The real deed is when you are able to talk to Jesus like you talk to you intimate friend. For that one should get a strong conviction that Jesus is my real intimate friend. How convince yourself that Jesus is your real intimate friend? The truth is that you cannot!

So, How to make Jesus your intimate friend? We will discuss it next time.

God bless!


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