Homely Meals – A Movie which took me to my past


This time intentionally I like to talk about a Movie.

Normally I am not a very strict movie goer. Whenever, I am convinced that the movie is good I just go and watch that movie, otherwise I do not waste much time in a movie theater. So, this time when Bony advised that this movie is worth watching, I thought, OK let me go for it! Movie was filled with humor, and moreover the script is carefully sewed around the Technical field in visual media industry. Film succeeded in communicating technical aspects and tremendous handwork behind a couple of minutes filmed program to a common man. Moreover, what shook me is the hero of the movie Alan (Vipin Atley). He took me to my past.

Still I remember, he came into my nights to share his passion and thoughts about Cinema and also about pain and challenges he is facing. He was so young to take this pain so, always my advice was to complete his studies before following his passion. Somehow I lost connection with my complete past or did I purposefully tried to forget the complete past where I was brought up? Whatever it, I succeeded in forgetting my native region only keeping fainted memories and Vipin was there in the shadows of my memory. At the first shot itself I knew, the story was about him and his life.

This movie is a craft of his years of painful life even thou the movie is full of humor. As a hero, Vipin have nothing to act on this script, He simply lived in it, because he simply wrote about himself!

And I am so happy to see Vipin is well known in industry. I think, his life is a case-study for anyone, who want to pursuit his passion. Let Vipin grow more high in a fruitful way. God bless!


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