Flowers of Tabernacle


I was sitting, looking at you Jesus
While Carmilites adorn the altar
A sudden insight flexed into versus
Smelt into broken strings of a guitar
Rim of my heart throbs with my lips
“O! flowers of tabernacle, into my heart you slips
How blessed you are clasping Lord
Hold me into your chord
So I can touch his robe
To heal broken strings of my heart”


How Many Times May The Eucharist Be Received On One Day?

ImageAs many have rightly quoted canon 917, the faithful may receive Holy Communion AGAIN on the same day only during the celebration of the Eucharist in which the person participates.

The authentic Latin text of the Code uses the word ITERUM which is accurately translated as “AGAIN” as in “a second time.” The authentic interpretation is that a person may receive Holy Communion TWICE if they have participated in TWO Masses on the same day. Prior to the 1983 Code, Vatican II had limited the second reception of Holy Communion to special occasions and Masses. Now, it seems, that the law allows a broader usage in that no distinction is made for the second or first Mass.

A third Mass and receiving Communion a third time on the same day appears NOT to be in conformity to the spirit of the law nor to current practice and interpretation. The fear of multiplying “Communions,” as if one could QUANTIFY grace and the infinite value of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, led the Church to restrict reception to twice a day.

Something about Helen Kowalska…

Otherwise Mary Faustina Kowalska
We often call her Saint Faustina.

She is from a very poor family, a child of a carpenter who is responsible for a big family.
When did I come to know about her? Off course, I knew her from divine mercy chaplets.
Divine mercy chaplet was not part of my life; but occasionally devoted to divine mercy. The chaplet books do not reveal her full life story.

Recently, I was very much attracted to her; I do not know why. At the age of 19, she packed a bag and left home without saying anything to her papa and mamma, purely because of Jesus. She left to a new place, where she met unfamiliar people; just to love Jesus. She worked hard for a year to get into a convent, to serve her Lord. What a girl she is? Really admirable. Is this love achievable by a human?  Convent life was not so easy for her, but she sustained. From, the day one of her life to the end she struggled. However, she chose to opt the name Faustina – the blessed, the fortunate one. How can she think she is lucky during all her struggles?

My dear lady, I cannot write about you without tears. St. Foustina, I love you.
I should kneel down and kiss your feet. You are a wonderful admirable woman.