Law of Attraction and Catholics

The world is becoming increasingly secular, where the money is the ruler. New ‘missionaries’ are emerging day by day to promote their faith on wealth. Poor people believing them are running behind wealth and for those people, ‘The Law of attraction’ money missionaries prepare easy traps.

The Law of attraction messengers says that you can attract anything by thinking of it and affirming it, on a daily basis. Each day you think about money and each day it will come nearer and nearer to you. Wow! very cool. They advice people to attract money, gold, car, house, lottery etc. and enjoy, live your life happily.

There are cases where positive or negative attitude can produce corresponding results. However, this is not a new theory. Christ said it in a different way: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Matthew 6:21.

The question is; Where is your treasure?
Is it in Christ? Or is it in something else?  As a Catholic, should we run behind wealth?
We belong to heaven, what we possess in this world is not validated there. However, ‘you’ are validated there. It is time to stop following such stupid prosperity messages and make ourselves brave to take the Christian Crosses in life.

People who practice law of attraction is led by selfish ambitions and goals. Therefore, when they die let their selfishness take care of them. As the bible says in Luke 16:9, those dudes will travel to their own everlasting habitations.
Meantime we will travel to heaven!

Have a blessed day!