For a secular Professional

Our search ends in Google
Therefore our masters became passive
Our friends are dump into Facebook,
Became surreal

Our gestures are emoticons
Without any emotions
Our feelings are ejected
to the dance floors

Late in the tiresome nights
Mama weeps and Dada sighs
Who cares!

Isolate ourselves
to the surreal world
and need a help?
none will reach
except a worker

Isolate ourselves
and want a hug
during a weep?
none will hug
exept your attorney
but for a commision

It is time to change
Or the world may change
To crush you in your
Puddle of dirt
Y’day I was near NMC.
I saw people walking with dogs and headphones.
It seems like alienated are isolated people.
So I just want write something for them.
Also influenced by the movie : Sweet November

On April, 2012. Edited on Nov 10, 2013