The Pillars!


When ever I go through the life of blessed “Luce” (Blessed Chiara Badano), The Focolare Movement swiftly slips into my mind. I am few years younger than Lucy. However, if she has been around there, I may travel the continents to meet that young saint. One of the beauty of VC2 is that, a common man started experiencing The Church. People became aware that, like a near to earth moving cloud, the spirit is dwelling in every corner, every whisper of Church.

Love was the spark that gave birth to the Focolare Movement. The name focolare arises from this experience. At the height of the World War II, Chiara Lubich and a group of friends who were rediscovering the Gospel began to live it concretely, realizing that everything passes in life. They discovered the God of Love, the ideal for which it is worthwhile to spend one’s life.

Couple of decades later, when the communism became an opium for the young eastern youths, signs of another movement were visible in Southern part of India – The Jesus Youth Movement. It is always inspiring to study the work of Holy Spirit and the similarities of movements which emerged after VC2. Most of the new evangelization movements have one major common factor which changes a person- The God experience, or ‘transformation’ in the words of theologians. If we miss it, then we miss the essence of the movement. Saints went through this transforming experience and I believe now this experiences are out-poured through movements within Catholic Church.

An encounter with Christ is highly important in Catholic life. It will transform a person.

Reject every opportunities to encounter Christ and we may never know the grace that touches and shields us. However, if we are transformed, a new world of heaven on earth are revealed to us and that is awesome!

Jesus Youth is such a powerful movement which can transform you, if you are ready to integrate well into her pillars!


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